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The many faces of Belize!

When defining Belizeans’ ethnicity, there is a list of 7 kinds to choose from – 9 if you include some recent additions. It’s what makes Belize great!

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Drumming- A must try!

Dreaming of Lebeha Drumming Center Hopkins Village There are so many reasons to love Belize, and as a Belizean it makes me beyond proud to…

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#MBB Yucatec 101

So a while ago we introduced you some of key Kriol phrases you should master before visiting Belize. We’re glad that you enjoyed that and…

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Belize is Flavor

Home to many cultures, Belize is bursting with flavors that celebrate its many people! From Creole (Kriol), Mestizo and Maya to Garifuna, East Indians and…

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