Massage by the Reef-2Imagine lounging on a sky deck overlooking crystalline waters as the warm Caribbean breeze caresses your glowing, sun kissed body.  As you lie there, being swept into the fantasy of the scenery around you, your mind, body and spirit connects, becoming one.

At Massage by the Reef, this fantasy manifested itself, and boy was I glad to be living every moment of it!  Quite excited for this appointment, I walked the beach, making my way to Amigos del Mar, the dive shop where Massage by the Reef is also located. Strolling up on the dock, I made my way up the stairs to the private sky deck where I would be getting pampered for the next hour and a half. As I waited for my appointed time, I glanced around, completely taken away by the view that surrounded me. The turquoise waters of the marina glistened beneath me, off in the distance I watched as the never ending parade of waves rolled into the arms of the Barrier Reef, and kite surfers danced atop the warm Caribbean waters….what a view this was!

Before starting my session, owner Ceci introduced me to my massage therapists for the evening, Amy and Lilia. I was so ready to be whisked away into serenity!  First off was the deep tissue massage. This concentrated mostly on relieving my neck, shoulders and lower back of lingering tension I barely knew existed, that is until I could  literally feel it rolling away with every stroke-knots and all! The aroma of the massage oils filled my senses as Lilia stroked concentrated areas with just enough pressure to feel instant relief.  This was followed by a hot cloth which absorbed excess oils that Massage by the Reef-10remained on my back, leaving my neck, shoulders and back feeling quite refreshed and rejuvenated.

Up next was the sea shell massage, one I was quite eager to find out more about. I learned that the seashells themselves have mild exfoliating properties. Like the hot stones, the sea shells can also be heated and applied to tense muscle areas to foster, release or to simply warm the muscles, thus unwinding and ultimately relaxing them as well.  This time Amy oiled my back, with the same rich aromatic oils, then placed the heated shells in a strategic alignment along my spine…ahhhhh I was as close to heaven as one can be. As I lay there, savoring the moment I thought to myself: ‘A seashell? Really? How could so much relaxation be achieved through such simple methods?’ Then I thought to myself again: Self what’s with the ninety-nine questions? Quit thinking so much and just go with the flow! After heeding to some great advice from ‘Self’, that I did! The shells were re-heated and placed on various other areas of my back, allowing them all to experience the almost surreal level of muscle relaxation. I didn’t speak a word, didn’t move a muscle and certainly didn’t bother thinking again! I just lay there, eyes closed with a smile on my face, happy to be serenity’s captive. After the shells were removed the heated cloth was applied once more, the perfect complement to a heavenly experience.

Massage by the Reef-11Last but not least was ear candling. Yes, I said it, EAR candling! Now while I love candles around my bath and maybe to compliment a nice  dinner table- in MY EAR was the last place I would ever expect to have one! I love new experiences and usually tackle ‘em head on. For the first time ever, I found myself being a little skeptical about having this one done. But  in the midst of utter reluctance ,  guess who just popped up at the most convenient time to offer a bit of reassurance? Self! I reassured myself that if I didn’t try this, I would always ponder on such an experience, so I decided to do it. I lay on my side, eyes closed and utterly still as I waited for the candle to be placed.  There it was, the big Massage by the Reef-12moment, the candle had been placed. No, not a candle with a wick that would be dripping hot wax into my ear canal as I initially thought (feel free to mock my ignorance). This was a wickless hollow candle that was lit from the top, as the heat allowed a vacuum like effect in the ear canal. As Amy gently rotated the candle in my ear I could actually feel the light suction this motion created. I felt a difference in pressure in each ear as I switched sides.  After the filtration of the second ear was done, I could feel that both ears were in tune to each other.

From the deep tissue massage to the seashells every bit of this appointment in paradise was heavenly (even the once shrugged upon ear candling managed to squirm its way into my Ear, ha-ha).This was a totally rejuvenating mind and body experience and, I walked away knowing one thing if nothing else…. not much can compare to being Massaged by the Reef. To make an appointment with bliss please call 621-8025.

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About the Author: Tamara Sniffin

I’m a sucker for a fuzzy face, a feathered face, a face with fins or even one with scales! I am in love with the creatures and the flora that are synonymous with Belize and every opportunity I have to learn more about them and explore their wild habitats I am there! I’m the happiest when I’m snorkeling the reef and swimming with turtles, however my passion is not just limited to critters! Laced throughout this compact jungle gem of a country live the Kriol, Maya, Garifuna, Mestizo and Spanish people, and experiencing each culture, especially their celebrations is one of my favorite pastimes.

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