The Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino in Belize City is a place often sought out for its safe and top notch party atmosphere and premiere gaming experience. It’s home to Elite Nightclub and its “Las Vegas Style” Casino. But apart from its offering in accommodations and entertainment, there are plenty of reasons to visit The Princess…Let’s talk food shall we?!

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Last week I had a bit of free time in the city, so I met up with my cousin. It was nearing the lunch hour and in the midst of figuring what we’d have, she remembered The Princess’ buffet. The Princess offers daily buffet style dining, with certain days catering to a specific regional theme. Pick a day and get your fill of anything from Asian, Caribbean, Italian and Mexican food to name a few.

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It was a Wednesday, so Mexican dining was the theme of the day, and I was beginning to like the sound of it all!For $22BZ, you get to have all you can eat with comfortable seating in the dining hall and a view overlooking the garden and the marina. Heck why not?

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Obviously the buffet was no secret, as we stood in line the crowds began to pour in and the line behind us grew significantly longer. It was our turn and man were my taste buds beginning to tingle with excitement! Set before us were tamalitos (ducunu),arroz blanco (white rice) , pan seared chicken strips, pibil tacos (OMG- Amazing!) stuffed jalapenos, quesadillas, sopa de limon and plenty of fruit sides and deserts including tres leches cake and arroz con leche (rice pudding)!

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The food was great and the dining hall was packed, I could honestly tell why these lunch time buffets were such a hit. I wish I had time to meet the chef and snap a few pics with the man behind the amazing recipes but time was running out on me!

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But if there’s one thing that’s for sure is I’ll be back! I intend to try all the different buffet themes especially the Italian one, as I hear the lasagna is to die for!

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Oh, and this time I’ll definitely get a chance to meet sir chef! Princess Hotel’s lunch time buffets are Monique Approved!

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