Seine Bight village is located two and a half miles south of Maya Beach on the Placencia Peninsula. The peninsula itself is narrow, a quarter mile at its widest point north of Seine Bight. Driving through in some areas you can see easily see the sea on one side and the lagoon on the other. It is one of the five Garinagu communities in the Stann Creek District, located about 68 miles south of Belize City, about 30 miles south of Dangriga, 19 miles from off the Southern Highway near South Stann Creek and 3 miles from Placencia. garinagu-dangriga-hopkins-seine-bight-garifuna-9This tiny Garifuna village has about 1,000 inhabitants. Most of the men are engaged in fishing but tourism is now a major force as little hotels and new homes have sprung up in the area. About 30 miles south of Dangriga, is where the Garifuna villagers call Seine Bight home, subsisting on fishing, hunting and homegrown vegetables.