San Antonio Rio Hondo is a small village located in the Orange Walk District. Situated along the banks of the northernmost river, Rio Hondo, San Antonio has approximately 500 inhabitants. The village has a rich geographical feature as it is one of a few populated areas on Albion Island. san-antonio-rio-hondo-1Albion Island is known for its famous Maya wetlands agriculture. But the island is most commonly known for evidence of the Chicxulub Crater; a massive meteorite or comet which struck the earth 65 million years ago and created a large impact crater.san-antonio-rio-hondo-4
Today, San Antonio Rio Hondo still remains underdeveloped with strong ties to the Mestizo and Maya culture. Most residents are bilingual speaking both English and Spanish.san-antonio-rio-hondo-3
While there are no hotels, several residents rent out cabins to traveller who enjoy being of the beaten path. San Antonio Rio Hondo is suited for visitors looking to get away from the tourist attractions and are looking for a quiet place to experience true village life.