Once called Stann Creek town, Dangriga Town is the district capital and the cultural center of the Garifuna people who are the majority of a population of about 9,000. Wooden houses perched on stilts to catch the Caribbean breeze sit alongside coconut palms and mango trees giving the place a dreamy, tranquil air about it. With rainforests and the Maya Mountains to its west, cayes and the reef in the Caribbean east, Dangriga is a marvelous spot to spend a few days of discovery.Dangriga-2
Dangriga is a proud, festive town, one that does its best to make the most of its vibrant Garifuna heritage. The cultural cache here entices visitors to spend an extra day. The name Dangriga comes from a Garifuna word meaning ‘sweet water’. Dangriga is the birthplace of punta rock and is home to a number of notable Garifuna artists, artisans and festivals, not to mention Belize’s only Garifuna museum. With good access to both the central cayes and the Southern and Hummingbird Highway, Dangriga is also an excellent place from which to launch nautical or jungle excursions. Dangriga is full of things to do and see for the culture hungry.

Hot Spots:
Gulisi Garifuna Museum
Riverside Café
Drums of my Father Monumen
Pen Cayetano Gallery