Traveller’s Liquors
Travellers strives to be the largest and most successful Belizean Rum Company, offering adiverse range of quality products for all taste,both locally and internationally.

Business Hours
Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 6PM




TRAVELLERS initially sold imported liquors and beers as well as locally made rums. In those days it was the practice of local bars to make their own rum blends for exclusive sale and Don Omario did not hesitate to follow that tradition. He started to create unique blends for his bar by combining various flavors and essences.
As TRAVELLERS’ rums grew in popularity, Don Omario searched for a way to provide consistency to his blends. During this time the recipe for the award winning ONE BARREL aged rum was developed. Growing competition in the rum manufacturing business made it more difficult to obtain spirits of consistently good quality. Eventually he entered into a partnership agreement with Luis Alberto Espat who agreed to build the distillery in Belmopan.The use of innovative techniques and new technologies assures the production of the finest rum available today. The aging and bottling plant infrastructure has also been upgraded to meet strict export standards. TRAVELLERS now exports to Europe, Canada and the United States. With creativity and foresight, Don Omario singled-handedly built the award-winning TRAVELLERS LIQUORS LTD. into a true legacy for his own children and for Belize. Today the Perdomos ensure the tradition grows and the family legacy lives on.