A peaceful coastal town located just south of the Río Hondo, which marks the border between Mexico and Belize, Corozal Town is considered one of Belize’s up-and-coming locations for retirees and those looking for an easy-going daily life. Corozal is home to a growing expatriate community, primarily residing in the northern tip of the town at Consejo Shores and along the seaside in the Sarteneja, Progresso, Copper Bank, and Chunox areas.
Once heavily reliant on the sugar industry, Corozal District has successfully diversified its economy. Today, it’s not just about sugar but the sweet success of tourism and eco-tourism. As the country’s tourism sector flourishes, the area is making significant strides in promoting eco-tourism. The town is leveraging its cultural and heritage assets to offer a unique experience to visitors, showcasing its adaptability and potential for growth.

Although not yet a popular tourist destination, Corozal Town is an excellent spot for fishing trips in the bay, bird-watching tours in the nearby Shipstern Nature Reserve, and exploring its rich Maya heritage.
Corozal, a vibrant community primarily inhabited by Mestizo-Maya, is a testament to the rich Maya heritage. The town takes immense pride in its Maya roots, which run deep throughout the area. This region once served as a crucial trading route hub in the ancient Maya era. The archaeological sites of Cerros and Santa Rita, standing as silent witnesses to its past, have become significant tourist attractions, offering a glimpse into the glorious Maya civilization.
The local chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) recently hosted a spectacular Maya Wedding Re-enactment Ceremony at Santa Rita. This annual event promotes the endless possibilities of the archeological site not only as a place to visit but also as a wedding venue. For this event, the students of the local Junior Colleges, along with professional folkloric dancers from the neighboring Mexican city of Chetuma, re-enact the wedding between Maya Princess Tzazil-Ha and Spanish Conquistador Gonzalo Guerrero. The grand event is a tribute to keeping the Maya culture alive and a chance to relive history.
Santa Rita may not be significant, but it does not lack in splendor. Believed to have once been part of the tremendous coastal Maya city of Chactemal, occupied from 2000 BC to 1530 AD, Santa Rita is a perfect site for first-time exploration into the ancient Maya world.

The site is open seven days a week, 8AM to 5PM. A small park fee of $5BZ for Belizeans and $10BZ for foreign visitors is charged at the entrance. Sundays are considered family days in Belize, so Belizeans enter free at all archeological sites across the country.
Wondering where to stay in Corozal? The town is still developing its tourism industry, so you won’t find large hotel chains or luxurious accommodations. However, they have many charming family-owned inns and hotels on the coast or in the southern part of Corozal that offer clean and comfortable accommodations. During our most recent trip to Corozal, we stayed at the Mirador Hotel, located just a five-minute walk from the main square and boasting stunning views of Corozal Bay. This quaint hotel is perfect for adventurous travelers looking for a unique getaway. For more information, contact the hotel at 501- 422-0189 or email [email protected].

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