Caye Coffee Roasting Company
Caye Coffee Roasting Company is dedicated to roasting and providing quality, fresh coffee to the people of Belize. Using only the finest high-elevation green beans, our aim is to ensure a great tasting cup of coffee.

Business Hours
Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM




Caye Coffee was established in 2004 and became known for roasting great tasting coffee. Under new Ownership and Management as of 2013, (and now known as Caye Coffee Roasting Company), we have resurrected the original roasting profiles… why mess with a good thing? The Diedrich IR-12 roaster has become known as one of the best roasters in the world. This is primarily due to it’s design and it’s ability to provide consistent roasting capability. Couple that with only the finest high-elevation Arabica beans and you have the components of an aromatic and delicious product. ‘Take a Tour’ to find out more about our different roasts, customer links and community involvement as the makers of one of the finest tasting coffees in Belize.