Belizean Breezes Soap Company
Take home gifts galore and items that you will NOT find anywhere else on the island and we REALLY mean that! Gift baskets custom to order! Soaps for both men & women. Unique Jewelry!

Business Hours
Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 9PM




Located in San Pedro, Belize is a MUST see shop! Getting rave reviews from visitors and locals alike, Belizean Breezes has A LOT to offer and we DO mean a lot! The owner has been making all natural soaps for over 15 years and has earned the title, “master soap maker”. Belizean Breezes pours well over 100 different scents of all natural soaps, all natural meaning NO animal products, NO chemicals or additives. Made from only the finest of oils and of course our own Belizean coconut oil which everyone knows is fantastic for your skin!
Belizean Breezes is also the makers of ” BUG-AWAY” here in San Pedro, all natural and keeps the bugs from biting! From gift bags filled with variety of little soaps to their famous variety of their ” Goody Box” filled with soaps, lotion and body spritz, Belizean Breezes Soap Co is a fun place to visit and see but wait…there’s even more. The owner herself has always loved designing so they have a large and complete line of unique jewelry, many pieces Lynda makes herself, from wire wrapped pieces to hand stamped items and of course detailed work with gem stones, you can spend a few hours just going through it all, there’s something for everyone.