Belize Medical Associates San Pedro
Offering day time medical services including physician consultations, full clinical laboratory, full pharmacy, digital X-rays and ultrasound services; walk-ins are welcome. Open Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 5PM. Located 1 mile north of San Pedro Town. Contact info: 226-2262 and 226-2721

Business Hours
Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 5PM

+1 501-226-2262


In response to a growing need for professional quality health care and proper health facilities in Belize, five doctors met and decided to find a solution, this humble beginning in 1988 gave birth to Belize Medical Associates. As a leader in Belizean health care for more than 31 years in Belize City, they believe that you deserve the best clinical expertise and service they can offer. BMA is considered one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country, due to its excellence and commitment to providing the highest ethical and academic standards of health care. BMA hopes to bring their same mission of providing the highest quality of healthcare services by qualified and experienced health care professionals, complemented by the use of modern technology to the San Pedro Clinic.

Since the clinic opened on June 17, 2019, they have been offering full-day medical services to the general public, which includes physician consultations, full clinical laboratory, pharmacy, digital X-rays, and ultrasound services. All these are backed by their experienced staff at the main hospital in Belize City. Dr. Renae Sersland is the full-time practitioner at the BMA San Pedro Clinic, and there are specialist doctors available on weekly/biweekly rotations. Weekly doctors include Pediatricians Dr. Victor Rosado and Dr. Mirtha Ochoa, Gynecologist/Obstetrician Dr. Marcelo Coyi and Dr. Anna Coen, Internist Dr. Filberto Cawich and Dr. Mark Musa, and Radiologist Dr. Guevarra. Meanwhile, biweekly specialists include Orthopedist Dr. Francis Smith, General Surgeon Dr. Pedro Gonzales, Dermatologist Dr. Jorge Lopez, Urologist Dr.Urroz, Neurologist Dr. John Sosa, Nutritionists Mr. Duran, Mental Health Counselor Ms. Cindi Rosado, and Professional Counselor Ms. Amiee Jex.