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The Amazing San Pedro Scavenger Hunt!

The Amazing San Pedro Scavenger Hunt brought residents and visitors together for an afternoon of fun challenges and solving cryptic clues in what seemed to be a Mario Cart race come to life.

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How to make Chocolate

Our neighbors down the street run the Belize Chocolate Company, offer a fun 30-minute chocolate-making class. Sign us up!

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Helping Hands in Paradise

If you are among those who fall in love Belize, and find yourself wanting to give back to the community, there are many ways you can do so.

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The Farm House Deli: Soon to deli-delight San Pedro & Placencia

In Belize we are well seasoned with cultural delicacies thanks to the diversity of our population. From traditional Mestizo and Creole cuisine to Garifuna, Chinese, Lebanese and even Eastern Indian, we can indulge in their signature dishes without having to leave the country. Now we have a new kind of cuisine that has expatriates reminiscing of home, and Belizeans eager to try something new, like rye bread, sauerkraut and pastrami!

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Spooky Season is here!

Halloween is GREAT fun on the island! EVERYONE gets in on it: from the kids to adults and even pets can’t help but wriggle their way to a spooktacular time!

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