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The Farm House Deli: Soon to deli-delight San Pedro & Placencia

In Belize we are well seasoned with cultural delicacies thanks to the diversity of our population. From traditional Mestizo and Creole cuisine to Garifuna, Chinese, Lebanese and even Eastern Indian, we can indulge in their signature dishes without having to leave the country. Now we have a new kind of cuisine that has expatriates reminiscing of home, and Belizeans eager to try something new, like rye bread, sauerkraut and pastrami!

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Time to eat some Conch!

The 2016-2017 Queen Conch Fishing season officially opened on Saturday, October 1st and kitchens across the country are already dishing out some classic conch dishes.

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Lunch at Lily’s

Lily’s Treasure Chest is a beautifully located beach side restaurant in front of the Amigo’s Del Mar dock and it’s been around for quite some…

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