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Mexican social media influencer and Youtuber Alex Tienda visits San Pedro

On Tuesday, May 31st, just after 2:30PM, Mexican social media influencer travel blogger, documentarist, and YouTuber, Alex Tienda arrived in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, via Tropic Air. The audiovisual content producer has over 300 million views on social media, and his visit to Belize is expected to expose the country significantly, especially among his millions of followers from around the world.

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XE’IL BELIZE: Maya brand of clothing announced

Xe’il, meaning “True to our Roots” – a meaningful brand designed and developed to provide a source of economic empowerment to Mayan women and showcase the dawn of a fashion era emerging from Southern Belize. The establishment of Xe’il started in October of 2019 and was executed by the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) with financial support from The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) through its Cultural and Creative Industries Innovative Fund (CIIF) to position Maya women as national artists and bring their creative products to a wider market, starting with new fashion designs adorned with Xokb’il Chuy.

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The Artist of the Day, Joanna Magana

Born in Corozal Town in 1980, an only child, Joanna enjoyed the attention and care of her mother and grandparents. From very early in her life, Joanna showed interest in the expressive arts. During her years at primary school, she was very much involved in drama and dance presentations. She met an outstanding educator by the name of Mr. Sotero Cruz who became a mentor and an inspiring force behind Joanna’s artistic and academic abilities.

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Artist of the Day – Alex Jordon Howard

Alex’s dancing roots was with the Nu Generation Dance Company (NGDC), which was Belize’s premiere Hip Hop company. There, he quickly became a lead dancer. Alex was with the NGDC for over 5 years.

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Artist of the Day – David Matus

David A. Matus is a carnival costume designer who has been in the Belize Carnival scene for over 23 years. He has created countless costume designs to represent Belize both locally and internationally, in carnivals, and in pageantry.

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Artist of the Day – Ernestine Carballo

Ernestine Carballo is one of Belize’s most recognized and awarded Soca artists. She has won the Soca Category of the National Song Competition in 2018 with her song “I Love You Soca”, in 2017 with “On the Road”, in 2015 with “Till Di Sun Come Up”, and 2011 with “Carnival Is Here”. She is responsible for the Carnival Road March Song of 2010 and 2011, has won Artist of the Year 2011 and 2012, the Break Out Tune of 2010 and 2011, Best Soca Artist of 2011/2012, Best Soca Song of 2011-2012 and Honoree of 2011/ 2012. Female Artist & Performer of 2015/2016, and Carnival Song Champion of 2015/2016. In 2018, Ernestine performed at the 3 days “September Festival Weekend” in Belize Featuring Beenie Man, Alison Hinds, and Nailah Blackman. She has also been a featured artist for MUSIC WEEK held by the “Office of The Music Ambassador”.

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The Artist of the Day, Maryam Abdul-Qawiyy

Ms. Maryam Abdul-Qawiyy is an international writer, performance artist, renaissance woman and yoga instructor. She is multifaceted and engages in various artistic fields, attributing this to her passion for creative expression.

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The Artist of the Day, Felene Cayetano

Felene Cayetano is an author, mother, publisher, librarian, and editor. Her migration from Belize to Los Angeles at the age of 9 was a key factor that led her to writing poetry in primary school before easing into writing short stories. This love of writing was balanced by a love of reading which gave her the vocabulary to voice her experiences and an appreciation for libraries.

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The Artists of the Day, YATA

Youth Advocacy Through Arts ” YATA “, was established in 2013 and is perhaps the only Youth Theatre Company active in Belize. The group currently has 6 productions in their repertoire since inception. Initially, a social arts organization with plays that highlight issues affecting marginalized communities, the company has evolved into cultural development through the arts.

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She wears her heart on her sleeve

My Maya heritage is full of intricate details (just look at our archaeological sites!) and rich folklore that could be converted into skin art. So, I did it. My artist, Wimpas Sosa of Belizean Ink Tattoo Shop, is a phenomenally talented artist who can take a stick figure attempt at an idea, and find a way to bring one’s dream into reality.

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Handmade shopping bags are a great alternative to single-use plastic ones

Even if it’s just switching from plastic shopping bags to cloth or canvas, it’s a step in the right direction. It becomes the easiest thing if you have something fun and sturdy, but foldable and ready to toss in your general use purse or backpack. Pull it out when your groceries start adding up at the counter, and you eliminate the need for a plastic bag.

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Colors and Culture: Corozal’s Graffiti Fest

It didn’t matter that the sun was beating down along Miami Beach in the Corozal Bay. People were out and about, and all along a stretch of concrete walls, the sound of spraying, the smell of paint and the sight of colors came together.

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